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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
Ashley has
read 1 book toward her goal of 75 books.

Last year I had so much fun reading some truly amazing Indie books, that I’ve decided to incorporate them in my 2013 reading challenge. This year I have challenged myself to read 75 books, 50 of which will be Indie/Small Press. 

Below is a list of books that are currently on my 2013 Indie/Small Press Challenge TBR Shelf.  I will update this shelf as I add more books or finish reading them. :) Check them out. You just might even discover your next favorite.

Have you set your 2013 reading challenge yet?  If you have, good luck and happy reading!

Ashley's bookshelf: 2013-indie-small-press-challenge

Exposing Kitty Langley
5 of 5 stars true
What a wonderful story. Not only is there a giggly school girl romance but Kinney tackles the ever-present issue of schoolyard bullying in this novella.

Kitty, who at one time was one of the “mean girls” walked into school one mornin...
Finding Abigail
5 of 5 stars true
Smith does it again! Finding Abigail is a wonderful story of heartbreak, love, and most of all, a woman’s journey as she pulls herself from her darkest point in life and fights to find herself again.

What I loved: I have to admit th...
Loving Lily Lavender
4 of 5 stars true
My Rating: ★★★1/2

Loving Lily Lavender was a cute story that had me grinning and at times groaning.

What I loved: The thing that pulled me into this book was the romance. Lucas and Lily are such a sweet couple and watching their...
The Cape Beanery Chronicles
4 of 5 stars true
Review to come soon.